Since my school going days, I loved any kind of crafts. If I saw a new craft, I would do anything to learn it. My aayi and pappa were greatest inspiration to me. Aayi taught me many things and Pappa would buy me any craft material I asked for. But unfortunately I could never learn anything properly. We didn’t have any kind of craft classes at my native place. I would learn from TV programs (Doordarshan used to have some craft programs in afternoons) and from my neighbors. Most of the things I started, I left half done. But whatever I finished, those items are still with my parents at my home.When I started going to college, I could not work on any of my interests. But 2 years ago, when we moved to US, all these interests made their way on to become part of my routine. I knew I had to sit at home in an unknown country for a long time without a job. So I went to different art & craft shops in Bangalore and bought whatever I felt like – many different wool, knitting/crocheting needles, many starter kits for sand painting & cloth painting, colored pencils, many art books etc. I worked on few of them when I was at home. So I was on track again and I got the job too. But I could not stop pursuing my hobbies.

So I joined cake decorating classes in a nearby Micheals store. The classes were after office hours, so it was very convenient. V had to ask me to stop joining all different art classes there ;). So after I finished those, V and I both joined oil painting classes (which we attend every alternate Sundays).

All this time, I was struggling with my knitting/crocheting. I was planning on joining the basics of knitting/crocheting class too. But unfortunately, they don’t have these classes anymore. So, I started making whatever came to my mind. I neither could make up a new pattern nor do I have patience to follow a long instruction list without making mistakes. I can say after around 2 years, now I am a bit comfortable to follow instructions, but still lack the patience. I am sure one day will come when I will be able to do some neat work.

There are many more awesome people who gave me great suggestions and feedback about this. I thank them all.So, that’s the story behind my art campus. I am hoping to get some constructive feedback & ideas from the art lovers/experts. Since I am just learning, I would love any pointers, like what kind of materials to use or anything that wold help me improve these. Again, thanks to all of you…

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