Cat in the Hat Blanket

SYes, I have been bitten by sewing bug. I visited JoAnn so many times in last 2 months, more than I did in last one year. Every time I found something very interesting and bought it.

cat in the hat blanket2

My friend’s daughter is turning 3 soon. I came to know she adores Cat in the Hat. I wanted to make something for her. So when I was at JoAnn, I found this very beautiful Cat in the Hat print. Instantly I bought 1 and 1/2 yards each of the cotton print and a bright red soft fabric (I think it is called Minky fabric). I wasn’t sure I could work on blanket before birthday because I have been sick with severe cold, but I managed.

cat in the hat blanket3

I followed self binding blanket video for the most part. But my fabric had more length than width. After washing, I think the cotton fabric shrunk a bit. I also found the soft fabric was few inches more in length compared to cotton. The soft fabric was much wider than the cotton one. Instead of cutting it off to make a square blanket, I thought of leaving it as it is to make a bigger blanket. So the finished blanket has a wide border on two sides and very short one on the other two. I kind of like it although it is not symmetrical like other blankets. The red fabric is so soft and cuddly.

My friend told me the birthday girl loved it. I feel so happy. I think I won’t hesitate to make more of handmade gifts hereafter!. This is my very first sewn gift to anyone.

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