Spiderman Costume

spiderman costume
Lately, Ishaan has been crazy about superheros – especially Spiderman, not sure where he got that (I think from his Spiderman fan dad!!). At his school, they started talking about Halloween from the beginning of the month. It is then he started talking about dressing up as Spiderman. I looked everywhere but could not find a costume of his size, there were other superheros, but no Spiderman. Today when I went to drop him at school, I saw some other kids of his age dressed up as Spiderman, guess I am not good at looking!. I thought he would forget about the costume, but he grew more interested. I first realized it when at a restaurant a lady sitting at the next table told me that she talked to him and he wanted to be Spiderman for Halloween!. I looked for some DIY costumes online but they were way too difficult.

About three weeks ago, I made him a Spiderman hat. When I posted about it on Ravelry, Nupur asked me if it was part of his Halloween costume. When I told her I could not find a costume for him, she sent me this link. It looked very do-able. But I have never worked on any wearable stuff, I just learned some basics of sewing last year and I know how to make some blankets!. Did I mention I asked my parents to send me few dress materials so that I could sew Indian dresses? What was I thinking? Those materials are still sitting on shelf and I feel so bad when I look at them.

Anyway, I got some fabric from Walmart next day (it was less than $5). I even managed to sew the pants. But I could not figure out the top. My first attempt was total flop. He would not get into the top. Tried second time and still didn’t know how to cut the pieces. The instructions given by Shannon could not be more clear, but still I had difficulty following it because of my lack of experience. I loved her attention to details. Look at the perfect costume she made. I wish I can reach that level(or may be even half of that) one day.

So after second trial, I gave up. The child didn’t know I had given up, he kept telling me, “aayi, pants are done, just make the top now!”. So I went and got some more fabric (I had cut the fabric in small unusable pieces already. But I had no interest to try again. Then he wore the pants and hat to pumpkin patch. The hat was a big hit there. But the stitching of the pants came undone in many places..Booo…

Then we borrowed a Thomas costume from a friend. Her kid hardly wore it last year. Ishaan liked Thomas costume, but still his preference was Spiderman. It hit me hard when I went to drop him at school day before yesterday and he told a teacher that he has a Thomas costume but it is not his costume!. Since my friend’s kid and Ishaan are in same school, we thought it may not be very nice for him to wear to school party. I had to somehow get him a new costume.

I went to Target and checked for costume again. Out of guilt, I bought him Spiderman T-shirt and pajamas. I thought he could wear the T-shirt and the pants I made, but it looked nothing like a costume!. I also bought a Superman costume as a backup(which I returned un-opened today). But I was determined to give Spiderman one last try. I tried, the neck became too big, other than that, it was ok. So I stitched the neck and it became baggy near the arms. I had to put him a shirt inside since the neck was still big. But the child was so happy. I am very happy that I attempted this.

I don’t have too many pictures, but posting what I have. Check out Shannon’s blog for all the details.

spiderman costume1

spiderman costume2

spiderman costume4

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