Dinosaur Blanket

dino blanket

I am planning to invest more and more time on my hobbies which make me so happy and calm, away from all crazy thoughts that cloud my mind. I know if I stick to same hobby for long, I will grow out of it within no time. So I am switching between different things.

Little one has been asking for a dinosaur blanket from last few months. He even came with me to JoAnn to pick this fabric.

This is my first project sewing a blanket with a batting. Although I started great, the finishing came out not great :(. A lot of bad sewing visible when you look closely. But I don’t think he will mind. I love to see the big smile on his face when he uses this and all the hugs and kisses :).

This is a cotton fabric with dino print, with two layers of batting and blue blanket binder. Everything was purchased at JoAnn.

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