Athenian Scarf/Neck warmer

Athenian Scarf

I loved this broomstick lace so much that I wanted to crochet this scarf. About 4 years ago, I tried one and half way through ran out of yarn. I searched high and low for the yarn but could not find it anywhere. So I frogged it. Again now I tried the same thing. I had a big ball of yarn. I thought it will be a good gift for someone. But unfortunately, I again ran out. This was a very basic yarn available everywhere when I bought it many years ago. Although Can Simply soft yarn is still available everywhere, looks like they have discontinued this color!. But this time the scarf was long enough to atleast go around my neck, so I attached two buttons on it and I intend to use it as neck warmer.

I still love the pattern, but I am not going to attempt it again soon – mainly because it is quite time consuming to get all those holes of even length!.

Pattern : from ravelry
Yarn : Caron simply soft

Athenian Scarf1


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