Almost Seamless Pullover Sweater

almost seamless pullover

I have so much left over yarn that I bought years ago. I didn’t touch it after my son was born. I wanted to use up as much as possible now. I found I had a lot of this yarn and I thought of making a sweater for Ishaan. The instructions looked easy enough.
The sweater is knitted in straight circles till the arm holes. The biggest trouble I had was with knitting the arms because I am still not comfortable using DPNs. I somehow can’t get uniform stitches between the needles, so I can clearly see a line!. I messed up the underarms – it was pretty easy stitch, but somehow didn’t get it right. So there are many holes (not visible in picture) under both arms.

I used the instructions for 2 year olds although my son is 3 already. He is a very small child for his age. The sweater fits him beautifully. I want to knit more often so that I can get better. I hope I can do it in coming days.
The first time he wore it, he scratched his neck till he got red marks. I washed it once, I hope it should be fine now.
Pattern : From ravelry
Yarn used : Carom simply soft yarn
Needles : US 6 – 4.0mmalmost seamless pullover1 almost seamless pullover2 almost seamless pullover3 almost seamless pullover4

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