Soccer ball Blanket

soccer ball blanket2

After I made a dinosaur crib set for Ishaan, he asked for a soccer ball blanket. Since this is my first ever blanket project, I wanted to make something simple. When we went to JoAnn to pick up the fabric, Ishaan really loved this fleece material with soccer ball and shoe print on it. He kept asking he wants this blanket. I picked 4 yards of the material and after coming home, I realized it was too big. So I used 2 yards for his blanket. I have 2 more yards to use up, I still have to think a good project to use that.

I doubled the material and stitched around like a pillow. Then I went ahead and stitched on couple of the straight lines to make sure the two sides don’t come apart when washed. Fleece was very hard to work with – mainly because it is thick and was not moving very freely on the sewing machine. My stitches were very uneven and I had to rip them apart a couple of times – mainly the stitch on the straight lines because it is quite difficult to get the front and back straight lines to perfectly align (even after pinning them!). soccer ball blanket1

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