Simple Net Crochet bag

simple net crochet bag8

This is another pattern that I picked up to use up the yarn. Very easy to crochet. I have to line this bag.

Pattern : Simple net crochet bag (From Ravelry)
Hook : 5mm (H)

Updated on 3/28/2013 :

simple net crochet bag

This is my second attempt at lining a bag. I still have a long way to go before I can do a clean work at lining! I could have done a better job while attaching the handles. I was loosing patience РI get only 30-60mins a day when little one is sleeping Рwhen I work on my hobbies. I tend to hurry things up in order to finish the projects. I have to learn to slow down to get better finishing.

Here is a very good tutorial that I followed to line this bag. To attach a zipper, I followed this. I am very new to sewing. So I make a lot of mistakes and I learnt a lot from them. I hate how much fabric I have wasted in last few days. I hope to get better from here. I have a hard time thinking “inside – out”! – ie, sewing on the wrong side and imagining how it should look on right side. I know it will come naturally as I sew more.

Since this bag has many holes, I used a double sided lining (I don’t know the sewing terms used, so I took some pictures!).

simple net crochet bag1simple net crochet bag2simple net crochet bag3simple net crochet bag4simple net crochet bag5simple net crochet bag6simple net crochet bag7


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