Owl Hat

owl hat

Since long time, I wanted to make an Owl hat for Ishaan, somehow I kept putting it on back burner. Then I saw a picture of my friend Mythili’s son wearing one. She said she made the hat. I was hooked!. I had to make it, it was just so cute.

I started making the preschooler size, but realized it was too small to fit my son. So increased one more round to get 60 dc (but I did that in second color because I had already changed the color). I added few extra row at the end (16 total). I feel it is still tight for my son, I wish I had read the comments and made it little bigger!

But my son loves his hat!!. I hope he can wear this for few months atleast. I am planning to make some more of these for my friends kids.

Pattern : Owl hat by Sarah Zimmerman
Hook : 5mm (H)

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