Balaclava(Monkey cap)


V has to walk about 3 blocks after parking his car near his office. As the temperatures are dropping day by day, he is having hard time. So he asked for a warm and cozy cap which covers his face. I had no idea what this particular cap is called here in US. I knew it is called monkey cap in India. I had bought a couple of them for him when he was in Sydney and he never wore them as they were quite itchy. Unfortunately, I again forgot what this is called here in US (bike cap or hiking cap or something like that).

For the second time(after the baby cardigan), I used double pointed needles for the decrease on this cap. I must confess, I dislike working with them :(. They hurt my hands as I really don’t know how to use them. Now I am hell bent on learning knitting with DPNs :).

I used slightly more than 1 skein. I don’t know what to do with remaining yarn now. I used one number higher needle size than mentioned in the pattern (but when decreasing, I used US 8 DPNs as I don’t have US 9 DPNs).

Yarn used: Lion brand Vanna’s choice Color: Beige
Pattern: From ravelry
Needles: US 9 and US 8

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