DNA scarf

I made so many mistakes while making this. I had to frog it many times to get it right. I think the Selvedge stitches at the ends had the most number of mistakes (I think I got the helix right for the most part). I am not sure how I managed so many mistakes at the easiest stitch :). I made a mistake at the start of the helix, so I purposely did the same mistake at the end of the helix to make it uniform :).
I didn’t make the back neck ribbing, but knitted the helix throughout the scarf as V wanted it that way.
I used bigger needles, so I used only one skein for this one.
I had initially started this with a dark colored yarn but V said the helix is not very visible on that. So I bought this light yarn and started over.

Yarn used : Caron Simply soft Color: Bone
Pattern : From ravelry

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