Nottinghill vest

I am working on this Nottinghill vest. I am half way through the front. I am thinking to make a plain back.

This was my first project with cables. I think I should have chosen a single color yarn because the smaller cables are not at all showing up. I had loads of trouble with this because of the chart, it needed a lot of concentration. I made a lot of mistakes, but I love the final product. It does not look like the original as either I have not knitted the smaller cables properly or they are not just showing up because of color.
I made a plain back instead of a cabled one. I should have used circular needles and knitted in circle to get clean edges. Anyway, learnt a lot.
I hate hate the ribbing on armholes and neck. Picking up the stitches was biggest headache.
Since the back is plain, it measured 2 inches more than the front. So after doing the seams, I stitched it again.

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